Monday, 25 July 2011

hampton court 2011

i realised that i have no idea how to take photos of gardens, after having another look at the pictures that i took that day... if you guys have any suggestions, please let me know, also i have a small 7 pixell camera so please dont go into that much technical detail. Thank you and i hope you enjoy!!

been there, done that! one thing off from my bucket list :)


for those who miss the voice and the entuziasm of the first term... found this while i was sorting out my laptop

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

my 1:50 area

Detail plan 1:50

Some detail sketches..too bad my indesign file with my planting mood board wont open.

going forward, looking back to the days that seems like almost a dream

My 1:200 Detail Plan

My 1:100 sections for the 1:200 Detail Plan

Sketches... god these things were a strugle!!
Proposal at night...too blue

First model was too conceptual and maybe too naive, so the next one was more appreciated and gives a better idea about my desing
Planting plan without annotation and the planting schedule as my indesign is acting up in the past month and it will not recognise the files that ive done in the library

Context sheet and conceptual diagrams

Precedent images

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Monday, 2 May 2011

before i get slapped this week, lets put some things up!!

ok the 1to 200 sections are the things that ive worked most on so lets start with the good things!!
this is how i started...
And this is the "final" result... And this bloody blog gives me evan more hustle as i have to spend too much time resizing every file that i post!!!

I hope you like it cause it defo looks better than the one that Ive done by hand which Im embarrased to load.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

trying to lighten things up..or not?

ok as the time goes by i feel more and more behind with my work, and slightly that im never gonna rise up to the expectations of my teachers and of  a foreign the same time i try to tell myself that i can do this... i just need better time coordination, and determination which i lost about 2 weeks ago... one thing i know for sure that im not the only one that goes thru this, so better cut the lamentation and keep on working!
 so this is my first try out with the lighting plan
This plan is not rendered so maybe the next one will look more professional

This is one perspective taken from my sketch up google model. I thought this might help by actually visualising the way that the light should have their diameter. This technique still needs a lot of playing in photoshop as Im not sure yet how to make that difuse light going from the lighting...

Brand Yourself Paula!!

this shall be my business card, I used some drawing from last year. I photographed it and put it into photoshop, then I i played with the burn tool... the result :

Thursday, 24 February 2011

There was a week in Lille

During february 2011, 20 students from the University of Greenwich went to Lille for  a week to participate at a workshop at the Ecole nationale du peysage in Lille. In our first day we were introduced to a couple of the students from Lille. They were also providing accomodation to a couple of us. We visited the city during the afternoon together with Robert ( one of our tutors ). During the evening the Lille students arranged for all of us to go and have dinner in a very nice restaurant. We ate amazing food, the atmosphere was getting more and more pleasent as the wine and beer kept comming to the tables. Arround 11 oclock the group had to be separeted as we had to go back to our hotels and host to get a good rest for the comming exhausting week...but lovely week as you will see.
I forgot to mention that I was very lucky to stay at Baptiste's house with Alick and Claudia. The hospitality of the french can not be described with words.
So the week has started:
We went to school in the morning and their was breakfast organised for us in the student bar. We met also the french teacher version of Jamie, Findlay. A little bit of intimidating characters if you as for my opinion, but inspiring non the less.
We took the subway to the site...

EURA Technology building

A little inside of the site

We came back to the studio and started to work in groups of 5 and we had to present our concept ideas the very next day. Unfortunatly i have just some pictures with our design from the first group

This is a sketch developed by Batiste, trying to present our idea of a new hub area and the wild island in the background.

These are Grant's amazing sketches which give the feel of the other part of the site that we refered as breaking thru walls.
Combinig the groups
After our presentations 2 groups of 5 students each were combined to develop a refined masterplan, sections, sketces and diagrams. The following pictures are examples of work from the studio

And of course Robert watching over us all the time. We do have to admit that he was easy on us on wensday when he allowed us to go and have a proper lunch, a nice break in the middle of the workflow.
The masterplan!

Me and Amelie worked on putting together on computer the A0 and the A3 document. This was happening friday morning, a couple of hours before the presentation in front of the people of Lille. ( i do not remember well who exactly they were, but i do remember their functions: politicians, urban developers, and architects, and of course lets not forget our tutors and Paula who came from London that day)

Our group in the process of creativity and never ending discussion about streight ( french students ) or curved ( english students) lines
Our vision for the future residential areas of Lille

The 2 concept masterplans of the 2 groups combined

Diagrams... i was impressed how abstract the french students start their concept ideas. the one with red in the right corner is my attempt of representing my concept idea

The circulation diagram belongs to Super Grant, as i like to call him, and the other ones to the french student if im not mistaking
The sections were done by Grant and rendered with Edith's help. Everybody loved the sky, which i think shows our first impresion of the site. Strong S-E wind

Precedent images. The one in the middle of the bottom of the page was created by me in photoshop

Lovely sketches done by Sue

Simon's eco quartier technological inside

And the start of the amzing model, and you can see the final one on Grant's blog.
Last but not least the only A0 page that i have in my possesion the conceptual diagrams which Im not pleased about as Jamie kept rushing me to send it to the printers as fast as possible. I still fish I had 10 more min during that morning to proper make a composition for this page...
It will be shown in the next post as I dont have time to resize the image right now