Saturday, 12 March 2011

trying to lighten things up..or not?

ok as the time goes by i feel more and more behind with my work, and slightly that im never gonna rise up to the expectations of my teachers and of  a foreign the same time i try to tell myself that i can do this... i just need better time coordination, and determination which i lost about 2 weeks ago... one thing i know for sure that im not the only one that goes thru this, so better cut the lamentation and keep on working!
 so this is my first try out with the lighting plan
This plan is not rendered so maybe the next one will look more professional

This is one perspective taken from my sketch up google model. I thought this might help by actually visualising the way that the light should have their diameter. This technique still needs a lot of playing in photoshop as Im not sure yet how to make that difuse light going from the lighting...

Brand Yourself Paula!!

this shall be my business card, I used some drawing from last year. I photographed it and put it into photoshop, then I i played with the burn tool... the result :