Monday, 29 November 2010

Calverley Grounds Group Project

Spatial Organisation

This project was a challange, especially since we had to work with Indesign, but at the end I was happy that I have learned how to produce quality documents with it. I also have to give my thanks to Joey and Susan, who both helped me with my English. the next picture is my little involvement in the Genius Loci section.
This image represents the current use of Calverley Grounds and it is compared with a passing throughout the site corridor.
Great Job team!! and especially Alick!

Friday, 22 October 2010

This is my first attempt in exploring photoshop filters and layers. I used only the color pallet and the filters and also the shapes that the programme provides. Im working at another sketch with layers that are from other imported pictures. I don't know if it is pretty or if it is showing a landscape, a scene, but i do like the textures that i managed to get from all the experimenting...cause in the end this is what we had to do. let me know what u think and i am open to critique. :)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

are all my senses awake?

Its all about the journey, not the destination... but many times we concentrate to much on the finish line. Few years ago I used to plan my life in weeks, now I plan my life in it because time goes faster? is it because we have bigger goals to achieve? is it because what we achieved already doesnt bring us satisfaction no more?
We travel this world fast and curious. Sometimes we stop and reflect, but then we realise the race has started again and we join it.
Everybody tries to find a meaning in life, in the society that he lives, in the job that he has chosen, the family that he wants to have. But how many of us are aware of themselfs? How many of us really know themselfs? How many of us have explored all of their senses?
I used to be afraid of many things...but I have learned that fear does not belong to us, it is something that prevents us to realise our full capacities of understanding, feeling and to live all the wonders that this beautiful world has to offer us.
Explore your senses...and then we shall see what comes next.